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Second Edition 


Best Narrative Short

Best Director

Carried Away

Director: Joshua Hinkson


Best Documentary Short

Fighters of Bukom

Director: Eric Grech


Best Cinematography

Reduction in Force

DOP: Ben Yonker


Best Editor

Fighters of Bukom

Editor: Eric Grech


Best Actor & Best Actress

Joshua Hinkson

Teagan Vincze

For: Carried Away



Best Comedy

Video Vista

Director:  Aaron Klinger


Best Horror

The Eve

Director:  Luca Machnich



Best Script


Written by David Toussaint



Best Composer

Ode to an Inanimate Companion



Best Experimental


Director: Chantal caron



Best Animation

Ode to an Inanimate Companion

Directors: susan lim, Christina Teenz Tan, Samudra Kajal Saikia




Best Student Film

Growing Peace in the Middle East

Director:  Steven Hoffen



Best Youth Actor/Actress

Yuvi Hecht

For: Reduction in Force



Best Indie Film

LOCKED DOWN - devi smetterla di avere paura 

Director:  Anna Lisa Vespa

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