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14th Edition


Best Narrative Short

Pros and Cons

Director: Robert Vassie


Best Documentary Short


Director: Iñaki Oñate


Best Science Fiction - Best Director

Tien Shinhan

Director: Fanni Szilagyi


Best Comedy

Garage Sale

Director: Troy Burbank


Best Experimental

At Land

Director: Reginald Cortez Woolery


Best Animation

Garbage Bin 

Director: Massy Keyrush


Best Editor


Editor: Ray Shaw


Best Composer

The Rock

Music: Alex Monroe


Best Actress

Freya Kreutzkam

For: Lucinda´s Pandora


Best Actor

Tai Lawrence

For: Pros and Cons


Best Cinematography

Tien Shinhan



Best Student Film

They Are Out There

Director: Patrick Schroll


Best Indie Film

The Scratch

Director: Virginie BLUZAT


Best Script (Unproduced and Produced)

The Chance

Writer: Terry Luke Podnar

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